Scruffy puppy

black-cockapoo-puppycockapoo-5-weekstilly-the-cockapooOur scruffy, naughty, lovable little Cockapoo Tilly is now 5 months old. She has completely taken over our lives and we love her to bits.

All photographs ©teaandtiffindesigns

Sweet scented summer

The Sweet Peas “Blue Velvet’ in the front garden were definitely the stars this year, masses of long, straight and highly perfumed blooms.

In the back garden the Everlasting Sweet Peas have produced very pretty pale pink flowers, unscented of course but free from the greenfly which have once again blighted the rest.
sweet pea dscl 8x8 resized.jpg Sweet peas print for sale at  Tea and Tiffin

All photographs ©teaandtiffindesigns

Water fun for Tilly

Tilly 13 weeks 2
The lovely hot weather can get a bit much when you have a furry black coat, so a garden hose and plastic box are just the job.Tilly 13 weeks

All photographs ©teaandtiffindesigns