My gardening diary begins

Let me introduce my head gardener Graham the Gnome, he has his own twitter please follow him @GrahamGnome.

Although I have always loved gardening, for a few years I have not had the time or space to indulge myself in my passion but now with a new garden I have a fresh challenge ahead.
Here I am looking proudly at the most exciting Christmas present a girl could get… yes under that tarpaulin is my greenhouse.

I have been waiting for the weather to change so I can finally construct my horticultural haven. With seed catalogues dropping through the door each page giving me endless choice of plants, seeds and essential plant growing paraphernalia, I am buzzing with excitement. Last weekend during a very brief respite from the snowy weather of late I cleared the top of the garden. I wanted the area ready for this coming weekend so my greenhouse construction could begin. I am not usually keen on gardening when it is damp soaking and drizzling rain outside but needs must.
Each day since I have been checking my thermometer and Accuweather praying for no more snow please. I may for awhile longer have to just look at my dream greenhouse instead…

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