Why does in always rain on me ? (well at the weekend to be accurate).

Poor me I spent Saturday dashing in and out between showers to get the frame of the greenhouse up. I enlisted the help of Grandma and Grandad to do the tricky job of adding the rubber seal to all the metal pieces. I said it was too fiddly for me, and took myself up to the loft to prick out the leggy tomato seedlings and plant few more seeds. They were struggling for awhile until Grandma had the clever idea of using washing up liquid to make the seal slip on easily. But by mid afternoon the rain had taken hold so rain stopped play, luckily the frame was in place with the roof vent fitted. The other glazing still needed fitting hopefully tomorrow.

Not a chance, as forecast, Sunday was a wash out. I used the time to sort my new  seeds and count my tomato plants, 74 at the moment with another 12 Red Zebras on the way! The bell peppers are now up too and 2 types of basil.

Monday arrives weather perfectly spring like and Tuesday and today…. bet it rains on Saturday …… Grandma has a saying “Rain before seven, fine by eleven” now I know your thinking oh come on….. it does work……. sometimes, except when it rains all day long! Try it and see.

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