Do you need sun for a greenhouse?

Bet your thinking don’t be stupid, of course you need sun for a greenhouse!  Anyone with half a brain, would have studied the position of the sun before deciding on a site for the greenhouse surely? Would it not be quite an obvious consideration before construction had started? Nope, that would have needed some degree of common sense which was clearly lacking in this house.
Saturday was the day to glaze the greenhouse and it was freezing cold, with subzero temperature and a biting wind. Grandma put the panes together in the sunshine at the top of the garden, whilst I fixed them to the frame of the greenhouse. Grandma hadn’t been out long when it started to dawn on her the sun wasn’t moving over quite how we expected. By mid afternoon, chilled to the bone and dressed like Nook of the North, she wondering if the sun’s rays were ever going to beat down onto their plastic enclosure and start to warm them up. But still, it was up at last! and we felt sure it would get some early morning sunshine, and when the sun was higher in the sky etc etc.
Sunday was another bitterly, cold day, but the sky was blue and the sun shone from first thing until it set in the late afternoon. Well it did in every other part of the garden, but not on the newly constructed horticultural palace! I watched from the loft as I worked at my computer, it would just have to be moved, there was no other way we would need to move the constructed greenhouse half way up the garden.
What could possibly go wrong….

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