Chicken news

Well there has been changes in the coup, little Gertrude sadly died during the winter so we bought two more girls Gladys and Edith

So then there was four, well things were tricky at first we neede to keep the oldies and newbies apart during the day. There was much squawking and nasty behaviour until a pecking order was established.

All was well for a while….until Daphne started display rather odd behaviour, she started to crow like a cockerel. This was never going to work, our neighbours are far too close. So a friend suggested someone who lived in the countryside who would kindly adopt her. She has lived there happily for the last year until she died peacefully last week in her favourite dust bath.

Things didn’t end there! with the matriarchal hen no longer around the dynamic in the coup changed and the newbies started picking on Geraldine. Things got so bad, we thought we might lose her because she looked so poorly! We had to do something fast, so we bought a rabbit hutch for her to sleep in and sectioned off the run. She was in such a bad way, only able to walk for a few steps before she fell over, we were sure she wouldn’t last the week. Well I am amazed and delighted to report, that even though we had the coldest winter since 1962 she is still with us. She comes out into the garden regularly with me chatting happy chicken chatter.


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