Trying to stay focused…

Maybe it is the hot weather, or the fact school is out for the summer or who knows what reason but I am finding it very hard to concentrate. Even writing a blog post is a challenge. my mind is liking a jumping bean, off in different directions. I do love working for myself and I am very driven, however I have noticed that there really isn’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to keep up with my to do list.
Each day I work on listings for my etsy shop, adding new prints, tweeking and relisting, taking more photographs hoping to reach the magic 300 that everyone in the etsy world speaks of. However weirdly I seem to always have 170 what ever I do ?!!!? Then I get side tracked oh maybe I should add my prints to postcards, bags and pillowcases, update the website, design business cards…. stop… keep focused one thing at a time!

The good news is our printer is broken, how can that be good news? sounds strange but It breaking forced us into finding a replacement. So using money from the sale of some old camera equipment we have bought  a Canon Pixma Pro 100 . An A3 inkjet printer which will enable me to print many of my prints myself, using a selection of fine art papers. It is all ready to be setup and tested, slightly disappointing however that it didn’t come with some paper, a bit like a toy without the batteries.

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