Only one chicken


Gladys is the only chicken we have left, actually she has been on her own for nearly two years. We had separated her from our other girls as she was a bit of a bully, especially to our favourite Geraldine  who was very old and frail.
After Geraldine died, we decided as Gladys isn’t the friendliest of hens, she would be better on her own. She seems very content and is still laying most days.



5 thoughts on “Only one chicken

  1. We only have one hennie left, she is called “Lady”. I dread to think that she is around five years old and being an exbattery hen from the barren cages… We love her. 🙂

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  2. Between the time I last commented here and now, Lady died.
    Me and her had been out in the garden together having a lovely day, me sorting out the weeds and her helping with the grubs, later sun bathing and even had a dirt bath in some dry compost on the path, but when I picked her up, she died in my arms of a heart attack and was gone. I was devastated at the quickness of it, but later relieved that she hadn’t suffered. We have loved our hennies. Maybe after a while, we might home some more, we’ll see.


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