Tilly the Cockapoo and Dave the Duck

Tilly arrived a week ago and the last seven days have been crazy. the whole house has been taken over by our new arrival and hard to remember what life was like before. Above all else, she is an absolute joy, but this doesn’t mean it hasn’t been very hard work indeed.

Juggling ‘puppy playtime’ with training, nap times, constant trips to the garden for toilet training, while also trying to continue with normally day to day activities like cooking and eating meals, has been quite challenging.

It has required 4am starts every day, but the week of hard work is definitely paying dividends. We have now advanced to her being quiet all the way through the night, being happy in her play pen for periods during the day without being the centre of attention, and to most ‘toilet activities’ being outside.

So then, to anyone considering getting a dog, and specifically a puppy, it is a lovely thing, but do NOT underestimate the commitment it requires!

Tilly & DaveTilly sleeping 8wks

All photographs ©teaandtiffindesigns.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Tilly the Cockapoo and Dave the Duck

  1. Ahhh! She’s utterly adorable, puppies are so gorgeous, amazing fun and are so attached to us. I’ve got a miniature poodle who is 15 months old now, but I remember those first few weeks fondly as a time of fun and bonding, yet also stressful enough to feel like having a panic attack! It just gets better and better though and so nice to have a little buddy around all the time 😀

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  2. Thank you 😄 how are you getting in with your Cockapoo? Tilly is nearly 9 months and is mostly a good girl. She has calmed down a lot… today she was a monkey though!


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