Welcome to tea and tiffin designs, a photographic mix of gardening, lifestyle, entertaining, cocktails and tea of course.

A bit about me – Susy Gascoyne photographer and designer.
I started my creative life as a graphic designer at Conran Design Group for Mothercare, then working freelance for a broad range of clients producing children’s illustration and designs.
After raising my son, then working for many years in education I decided it was time to get creative again. Tea and Tiffin Designs seemed perfect way to combine my photographic and computer skills. Photography has been a passion of mine since my first Kodak Instamatic camera in the ‘70s, the lovely square photos that turned pink if the camera was left in the sun. When I started at Art College I moved on to 35mm, I loved the whole process of finding the perfect image, developing the film and then creating magic in the darkroom. It was a very exciting and nervous process, never sure what, if anything would come out. I was lucky to be able to use my father’s photographic equipment, as he had worked in the industry and enjoyed sharing his knowledge. The lack of a permanent darkroom meant the kitchen became out of bounds for many evenings while we were developing and printing in our makeshift darkroom.
Although my photography has gone all digital, with apps and photoshop replacing film and the darkroom I love it every bit as much.

Life really is with a camera and lots of tea.
A photographic mix of gardening, lifestyle, entertaining, cocktails and tea, enjoy a bit of Tea and Tiffin on my blog

My photographic work can also be bought in my shops on Etsy  and Society 6.

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Thanks to my lovely husband and grown up son and Tilly the Cockapoo for their patience.

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