Loving the weather!

This unseasonably warm April is just perfect for the Easter hoildays, I have got lots of gardening done. On Monday I planted some bee and butterfly friendly flowers in the garden and started some more seeds off.  Tidying the borders, I dug up the strawberry plants and gave them a new home in some hanging baskets, hopefully won’t be such a snail trap now! Unless the snails have climbing gear or small light aircraft of course.

Bought an apple tree! yeah thought I had made a perfect for a small garden and patio choice but on closer inspection… oops. But it is soo pretty covered in blossom, we will have to wait and see with that one.

Still trying to catch a shot of the Blue Tits, they have been very close to me in the garden but I hadn’t seen them coming and going from the bird box. I was worried after seeing a cat bold as brass sat underneath the bird box in full view from my kitchen window… cheeky devil I gave him a fierce chastising, I am relieved Percy is a house cat!