A bit of an edible garden

This year although I am growing mainly flowers for cutting, the garden still has plenty of tasty treats on offer. From flowers which as well as being pretty are also edible, to herbs, salad and fruit grown for the kitchen.
The tomatoes in the greenhouse and in the hanging basket have started to produce and the “come and cut again” lettuce is ready to eat already.

Please note, the Calibrachoa Can Can Terracotta, planted with my tumbling tomatoes in the hanging basket, ARE NOT EDIBLE, just there to look pretty.
Chives flowers however, not only look pretty, are a great addition to a salad.IMG_4598

All photographs @teaandtiffindesigns

How is my garden?

The garden is looking very green, plants are starting to flower and vegetables are starting to appear. I have been harvesting Chard, Spinach, Mange Tout, lots of lettuce, some strawberries and the odd pea pod  (as I walk around the garden). The Chive flowers have about finished but looked beautiful for a while, Pot marigold flowers have started to appear so I will soon start picking to add the petals to my salads.

Vegetable basketVegetables from the garden