I am exhausted!

Woke up bright and early ready for the delivery of 10 bags of pea shingle and 3 of bark for the garden. Got off to an unfortunate start moving it from the front garden, misjudged the weight of the first bag of pea shingle and smack the trolley handle hit me hard on the mouth. Luckily I escaped broken teeth and a fat lip and all the bags were moved without further incident.

The pea shingle was needed in the greenhouse to cover the floor and the bark was for the chicken run and the path leading to it. I must say all looks much improved but I am feeling very tired.

Time for a glass of wine me thinks…..

phew it is hot in the greenhouse…

I have so many tomato plants I am having to give them away. All seeds grew so 70 spare plants…madness.

Yesterday, I was busy digging borders ready for planting, I was suffering last night with a sore back. I have more raised-bed making stuff on order plus a ton of gravel for making the walkways.

I have been very slack at updating with pictures, I am sorry and will take some snaps asap.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli  actually looking purple and sprouty which is nice, peas and mange tout are planted out in the 1st raised bed and have a very special scarecrow watching over them (picture to follow).

Gnome in the Greenhouse