Seedlings and seeds

box of plantsParcels from the postman are always exciting and rarely for me, but the very best ones are plants. I ordered some seedlings from Sarah Raven, for my front garden mix of purple, acid green and orange annuals. I am growing most from seed but have ordered some ready to go plants too. plantsThese lovelies arrived yesterday, quickly potted on, they already look very pleased with themselves and are enjoying the sun.plug plant

and my Cornflowers are up!

cornflower seeds

All photographs ©teaandtiffindesigns

Ooh my back….

It has been awhile since my last post apologies etc… the garden has been my main focus over the last couple of months. So not just an edible garden this year but also lots of flowers good for cutting and full of scent hopefully. It has been a challenge this spring and early summer, the weather has been to say the least unpredictable. Hot days in March, hosepipe ban followed by lots and lots  of rain after I bought the much needed water butt. Another super hot week then cold wet May into June the seeds were planted and heaps for plants purchased (pretty much every time I went shopping I came home with something!) and now just need them to grow together in three weeks….. fingers crossed.