Slugs, snails and puppy dogs tails

IMG_4665Slugs and snails have to be every gardeners’ worst enemy.  Their slimly trails, a map of last nights bar and restaurant crawl around the garden. But now with the imminent arrival of Tilly the Cockapoo, the sinister presence of these voracious beasts takes on a whole new meaning.
I am now faced, not only with the blighters eating my plants, but much worse, giving her Lungworm which is fatal.
Slugs and snails carry the lungworm larvae and when eaten can infect dogs. They can also get it from grass,  drinking from puddles or outside water bowls, or even their toys. I discovered from  there have been 1235 cases within 50 miles of where I live. It has some very good information about prevention and will be getting advice from our breeder and vet.

So the beer traps will have to go as she will most likely drink these. Watering should move to the morning as they venture out at night making it all too easy for them to move about.

If you don’t have pet to worry about there a lots of ways to try and trick those beasts.

They love to eat Comfrey, so that could be a decoy plant to save your prize Hostas.
I have used coffee grains as a barrier in a circle around plants, tried broken eye shells and sand.  Copper tape seems to work on pots, as does smearing with Vaseline.
Late night walks with a head torch are always such fun. pick them up and send them on a all inclusive package holiday to the recycling centre via the green bin.
The chicken run was perfect place for them to hang out, but be aware chickens are not good with the big fat ones.
I tried Nematodes (microscopic parasites) that kill slugs both above and below the ground, really not sure how effective it was, I may have had less.
It is essential to keep the garden free from places they can chill out including: empty or broken pots, leaves, overgrown shrubs, twigs and branches. Check around rims of pots for snails and underneath for slugs.

How do you get rid of slugs and snails?

All photographs ©teaandtiffindesigns

Loving the weather!

This unseasonably warm April is just perfect for the Easter hoildays, I have got lots of gardening done. On Monday I planted some bee and butterfly friendly flowers in the garden and started some more seeds off.  Tidying the borders, I dug up the strawberry plants and gave them a new home in some hanging baskets, hopefully won’t be such a snail trap now! Unless the snails have climbing gear or small light aircraft of course.

Bought an apple tree! yeah thought I had made a perfect for a small garden and patio choice but on closer inspection… oops. But it is soo pretty covered in blossom, we will have to wait and see with that one.

Still trying to catch a shot of the Blue Tits, they have been very close to me in the garden but I hadn’t seen them coming and going from the bird box. I was worried after seeing a cat bold as brass sat underneath the bird box in full view from my kitchen window… cheeky devil I gave him a fierce chastising, I am relieved Percy is a house cat!