Fruits of my labour

The garden is coming into its own right now, the warm weather and showers seem to have given the garden just what it needs to look lush and green. Today however is far too hot to work but will go out soon when/if it cools down a bit and give things a drink maybe pick some goodies for dinner and give the hens their corn.

It is so nice now the vegetables are appearing, not just herbs and lettuce for salads but also kale, spinach, chard, mange tout courgettes and of course strawberries. The broad beans are growing bigger each day and I nibble on peas as walk about the garden (not enough for a meal but so sweet and delicious).


How is my garden?

The garden is looking very green, plants are starting to flower and vegetables are starting to appear. I have been harvesting Chard, Spinach, Mange Tout, lots of lettuce, some strawberries and the odd pea pod  (as I walk around the garden). The Chive flowers have about finished but looked beautiful for a while, Pot marigold flowers have started to appear so I will soon start picking to add the petals to my salads.

Vegetable basketVegetables from the garden