Middle of May


The plants are coming on but I am not risking planting them out just yet.

May 15th and my mum’s birthday today (I have sent her some flowers through the post from wigglywigglers.co.uk hope she likes them) it is normally quite warm by now. So much so that I am often lulled into a false sense of security and have been known to plant out some tender plants. That is so not going to happen this year, the unseasonably cold weather and illness has forced me to plan rather than plant.
This morning I have been planning where my veggies will go this year, looking at previous years planting plans to decide what should go when in the whole crop rotation thing. After lots of crossing out I finally have a plan, just need to feel better and some good weather please.

Ooh my back….

It has been awhile since my last post apologies etc… the garden has been my main focus over the last couple of months. So not just an edible garden this year but also lots of flowers good for cutting and full of scent hopefully. It has been a challenge this spring and early summer, the weather has been to say the least unpredictable. Hot days in March, hosepipe ban followed by lots and lots  of rain after I bought the much needed water butt. Another super hot week then cold wet May into June the seeds were planted and heaps for plants purchased (pretty much every time I went shopping I came home with something!) and now just need them to grow together in three weeks….. fingers crossed.