You’re a Record Breaker

My husband broke his neck in a rugby accident way back in 1988. Since then he has  tried to find new, interesting and quite often dangerous things to do whenever the chance arises, the latest was to pull a passenger jet with a team of wheelchairs.

wheels4wings 2

Heathrow Airport and British Airways joined forces with Aerobility to host Wheels4Wings, a Guinness World Records® official attempt for the heaviest aircraft to be pulled over 100 metres by a team of people in wheelchairs.
The previous record was held by a Belgian team who pulled a 67.19 tonne Lockheed C-130 Hercules over 102 metres in 2011.

wheels4wings 4


wheels4wings 7

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As I stood safely at the side struggling to get a close up video, I was wishing I could see it from the cockpit, so thank you to the pilot Guy Westgate for sharing his video with my husband.

A new Guinness World Record was achieved by the Wheels4Wings team of 98 wheelchair users, who pulled a 127.6 tonne Boeing Dreamliner 787 at Heathrow Airport in London, UK, on 23 November 2018.
The money raised from this event was for Aerobility, the Charity which enable people with all disabilities to participate in aviation.

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Apologies for the Record Breaker theme, but it was my ear worm all day, you have to be of a certain age and from the Uk to get that obviously. It was a Children’s TV show hosted by Roy Castle where people attempted Guinness World Records.

Thoroughly Modern Tilly’s Garden

The minimal, modern style garden is nearly complete, big change from the garden of last spring.  Tilly the Cockapoo, has certainly made her mark in our garden, the lawn laid in the autumn couldn’t cope with our playful puppy, so dog friendly artificial turf seemed the perfect answer.
The planting kept simple, herbs, salad and veg okay for our furry friend to chew. The front garden, is now home to the cottage garden plants that need to be out of her way!

green and shadowmodern gardenmodern garden 3modern garden 2IMG_1545Modern garden 4Modern garden 2modern garden 4

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